We are the Gazetteers

Salutations, I’m Kristin!

I want to tell all you glorious people about The Gazetteers!

The Gazetteers were founded about a year and a half ago. We are a group of women who really wanted to develop a voice in our community. Frustrated by the lack of genuine support for fellow female geeks (and sadly the biggest obstacle is fellow female geeks, but we will get into that later), we decided to start writing and blogging to get our voices heard.  We are a group of artists, scientists, writers, and engineers! We cover many different areas, and share a lot of different passions in nerdom.

Now, we aren’t here to tell you how “wicked rad” nerd girls are. Rather we just want to share and participate in our community! Look to us for entertaining articles, reviews on video games, comic books, and movies. As well as personal stories and even artwork!

Stay Tuned!

We got our start on Nerdy Show! And wanted to share some of our more popular articles from the past!

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