Is Science our Magic?

Let’s pose this question.

Is science our magic? I know that the question might have more questions then actual answers, but this was something that I was thinking about earlier today.


There is a lot of science and technology that we take for granted. I could give you major examples, list off papers and studies, but I want to keep this simple. Think about it for a second – Automatic doors, the Internet, Cellphones, even electricity! These are all common everyday things for most of us. We use them, a lot without even thinking of the complexity that is behind them. They are things we interact with everyday, they are our norms. Now imagine you are in a fantasy land.  A land of mages, witches, and knights. You obviously don’t have a cellphone, there is no electricity, and you have to crank open those super heavy wooden gates, rather then have them open when you are within a certain distance. Instead of lightbulbs you have torches, or a mage that can produce light. No cellphones, how about message sent by you via an avatar through the astral plain. Heck the astral plain could be considered the internet in a few primitive ways,

Those are your norms in that world. You have conjurers, wizards, and mages. These people would obviously learn their trade by getting apprentice ships, going to colleges, and being apart of respective guilds. Most would be born with these abilities. Not unlike people who are born with a great understanding of mathematics and engineering.

If we were to be told magic was real, that you could wave a wand, or drink a potion and get the power of telepathy, flight, or other coveted attributes – most of us would gawk at the notion. We’d dismiss it as pure fairy tale, even if we were shown examples of it right in front of us. We are skeptics to such things, but image if the roles were reversed.

You are a knight, and you have just finished your noble quest. You are far away from your lady love so you visit the local mages guild. You want to send her a message, but having a letter go by raven or horse would take to long. You instead go to the head mage and ask for him to send a message for you.  Rather then require gold, or need magical supplies, he pulls out a new STRANGE device. He presses this magic, alien screen and within seconds there is your maiden. She smiles through the shiny smooth surface and blows you a kiss.

What the hell would you think if you were that knight? A small shiny thin object can instantly connect you and your lady, with no magic potions, no blood offering, no secrets! Where is the conjuring, and spells you are so accustomed too? What is this Sorcery? In that instance you would be a skeptic too.

If you came into this fantasy world with the knowledge of the technology of today they would think you were mad. They would have no way to comprehend the science and technology we possess. They would believe that a mage could travel through the air and deliver a message himself with just an incantation or a spell,or could wave a stick in the air and produce light, or use such stick to depend himself against a 500 ton dragon. But the science, and technology we possess today would we confounding.

That is the question then. Is science our magic? And my answer is yes.

Think of how far we have come technologically. Think of the major advances we have made because of science. It is amazing! I truly believe science and technology is our worlds type of magic.

So if anyone asks if I believe in magic, my answer is yes!

The Ultimate She Geek Buying Guide :: For This (and Every) Holiday Season

Tis the season, for what? Well that depends on you!

Some people like to reflect over the year around this time, others travel hundreds of miles to spend time with friends and loved ones, and others look forward to that sweet sweet loot. No matter how you spend this holiday season, gifts are usually a social obligation we can’t really avoid. Some people are super easy to shop for,  others are just really hard to shop for.

I’ve run a popular blog the past few years, and I find that people really dig my shopping guides. They are usually for me, but one year I did one for “she geeks”. This was a hit! (one of my most popular blog posts to date!) I got emails telling me THANK YOU! My lady/friend is so hard to shop for, and that was helpful! And other various praise.

So I have decided to compile one for The Gazetteers! Although these gifts are chosen with the feminine wobbly bits in mind, please feel free to get these for someone of any gender if you think they will enjoy them! Really who cares what gender you are, anyone can enjoy these bad ass gifts!

For the Mathematician!

Cute and Astute Necklace

Available at ModCloth!

Product Description- When you flaunt smart styles like this Monserat De Lucca necklace, everyone will take note! After starting on a whim, this L.A. brand has diligently created pieces that celebrate confident and whole-hearted self-expression – like this clever necklace. Featuring a string of metallic, math equation pendants, this scholarly style is a wise choice in any outfit.

Pop Quiz Clock

Available at Amazon.

Ahead of the Glass

mathglassesAvailable at Uncommon Goods

Product Description- Regular numbers? Those are for amateurs. Show off your mathematical prowess with every pour when you serve drinks in this numerically inclined glass set that features equivalent mathematical constants in addition to standard ounces. Each Old Fashioned glass also includes an expanded formula on its back, an embellishment that’s bound to thrill fellow geeks and pique the interests of numerical novices. Whether they join you with water during class or with something a little stronger as you celebrate cracking your latest conundrum, you’ll be glad you got your digits around these endlessly entertaining glasses. Glassware made in Louisiana, decorated in Nevada.

Cheat Sheet:
√2 (Pythagoras’s constant, the square root of two) – 1.414 oz.
φ (Phi, the golden ratio) – 1.618 oz.
π (Pi) – 3.14 oz.
e (Euler’s Number) – 2.718 oz.

The Scientist

Klein Bottle

Available a Acme Klein Bottle

Product Desription- At last, Acme has conquered topological and engineering frontiers to manufacture genuine glass Klein Bottles. These are the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions.

These elegant bottles make splendid gifts, outstanding classroom displays, and inferior mouse-traps. With its circle of singularities, an Acme Klein Bottle can be said to exist inside of itself — especially handy during time-reversals.

**Just a note, I have bought from them before, it’s really such a treat when you see the package, open the package, and enjoy what is inside! This is a Kristin Pick for SURE!!!!**


A bunch of really great ones available at Scientifics Online

Mars Rover Curiousity Leggings

Available at Etsy-Shenova

Renaissance Festival Goers/Larpers!

Chainmail Coifs

Wide variety at Medieval Collectibles

Ornate Silver Elf Ears

Available at Etsy-Belethil

Rocket Ship Tankard

Available at Etsy- Aurora Illusionary

Gamer Girls

Hyrulean Crest Wine Goblets

Available at Fan Art Glassware

Tetris Lights

Available at Light in the Box

Creeper Face Shirt

Available at Think Geek

Pop Culture Lovers

David Tennant Poster

Available from Cult Classic Posters

Steve Zissou Tote Bag

Available at Society 6

Tenacious D Ipad Case

Available at Society 6

Hogwarts Pillow

Available at Universal studios


In no particular order some great stocking stuffers!